This week at Crossing Fight School, we will be having a rather unique class on field combat, led by none other than Ian Burgess-Linden.

Ian is not only a learned and accomplished fencer, skilled in the arts of modern fencing and HEMA, but he is also a historian and re-enactor. His areas of interest are many and varied, and this class in particular will feature numerous elements of warfare, including attack formations, organized retreats, and techniques used in both.

If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of tactics are employed on the battlefield and why, this is the class for you. 🙂

I will be away for the day, but I strongly encourage you all to make it to this class and benefit from the expertise of one of PEMAC’s brightest.

Enjoy class this coming Sunday!

On this Sunday’s class, from the man himself:

First call! Crossings prepare for formation!

With the absence of our leader this weekend, I will be running a very special class in preparation for some upcoming special events.

**Spears and Bucklers: Intro to Small Unit Fighting**

We will be going over concepts that differ fighting in groups from fighting individuals, group composition and cohesion, and basic small group maneuvers.

In addition to our typical longsword accoutrements, I would encourage bringing any shields, bucklers, sideswords/arming swords, daggers, and spear trainers you may wish to spar with.

Field music *not* required

At the very least, this all will be fun and informative. See you all Sunday!