Welcome to the Crossing Fight School.  We are a branch of the Medieval European Martial Arts Guild (M.E.M.A.G.) based in Southampton Township, NJ. devoted to the study of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), with a particular focus on German Longsword.  Our curriculum is based on the teachings of Grandmaster Johannes Lichtenauer, whose fighting system dates back to the 15th century, and whose material formed the basis for many masters that followed.  At our school, the material we learn and use is derived from both Lichtenauer’s own system and those of later masters

Who We Are

M.E.M.A.G. is a group of HEMA fighters and researchers founded in 2006.  Read more about the History of Our Guild.

We are a dedicated collection of instructors and students providing an inclusive and accommodating environment to learn and practice what is commonly known as Kunst des Fechtens (Art of Fighting), or KDF, as it’s often called.  

What Is KDF?

KDF itself is a German fighting system which includes not only the longsword, but a number of other weapons (dagger, messer, staff, etc.), and also grappling.  These arts were taught for hundreds of years, with some of the earliest source material dating back to the very beginning of the 14th century, evolving and surviving well into the 17th century before all but disappearing in the years that followed.  The modern-day HEMA practitioners who currently study these arts are, in effect, resurrecting these lost traditions and re-creating one of the most elegant and fascinating martial systems common to history.  

What Is HEMA?

HEMA is a broad term that encompasses a number of fighting and weapons systems common to the European continent which date back to the late Middle Ages, extending through the Renaissance and into the Early Modern Period.  The weapons common to HEMA are many and varied, and range from the more familiar (swords, both one and two-handed) to the more obscure (sickle, flail, etc.).  

Our Mission

Our ambition is to interpret and apply these ancient martial arts and teach them to all who wish to study them in an effort to resurrect, and perhaps perpetuate, traditions that would otherwise be lost.  We are fortunate enough to have a dedicated core of practitioners who are committed to making this vision a reality, while learning and having fun along the way.

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