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MEMAG Crossing Fight School

Where We Train

Our facility is located at:
133 Eayrestown Rd, Southampton Township, NJ 08088
For directions, see the Google Map on our Contact page

When We Train

Our classes are held every Sunday starting at 3 PM.  The first two hours are devoted to warm-ups and the lesson, with the last hour reserved for sparring (which is optional, but encouraged).

Club Dues And Member Requirements

Our classes are either $20/class, or $50/month (subject to change with advanced notice).  These funds go exclusively to running the school (paying rent for the venue, buying insurance and equipment, etc.).

Along with paying club dues, all members are required to sign a waivers to participate.  Currently we have one for liability, and a second one related to Covid-19.

Equipment Regulations

We have loaner gear available for new students (fencing masks and gloves), but be advised that due to the ongoing pandemic, all loaner gear is student-specific; that is, once you begin training with a piece of worn equipment, it will be the only gear you receive, unless something breaks or wears out (so choose wisely!), or unless you purchase your own.  There is a wide variety of steel, wood, and synthetic weapons available for you to choose from, although steel provides the best experience (by far) and is therefore highly recommended.