This Saturday in Pemberton, NJ:

Kiana Shurkin is an internationally recognized competitor, instructor, and lifelong student of martial arts. While exploring various styles, she discovered a passion for HEMA in 2010 and has travelled extensively to train, teach, and compete. A smaller fighter often facing larger opponents, she was thrust into a mentorship position with little preparation not long into her HEMA career. Her experience navigating the deep end inspired her to pass forward the lessons she learned the hard way; she has now spent over a decade helping generations of students transform their own challenges into personal strengths.

Kiana ShurkinKiana’s friends have teased that she is secretly an RPG character, and she strives to earn that accusation. She has made a career as an adventurer and instructor of eclectic skills who endeavors to bring joie de vivre and a solid work ethic to every venture. Even when not playing with swords, she might be found enthusiastically bounding off on side quests or handing them out to unsuspecting passersby. She enjoys sharing her many passions with others and hopes to contribute something of value to the journey of fellow adventurers who attend her workshops.

The event will be at the Pemberton Field House at 50 Early St. in Pemberton, NJ. (NOT the Crossing venue!). We are scheduling it for roughly 9:30 AM.

We ask for a $20 donation at the door. This date was scheduled before many of you went overseas to compete, but we’re hoping you can still attend to fill out this class and give her a warm welcome. We realize that many of you in the region are just coming back from one tournament (or more), and things may be tight, so if we fall a bit short, Crossing Fight School will make up the difference.

We hope to see you there.