This week at Crossing Fight School, class will be led by none other than Connie Frazier. For those of you who have looking forward to another Sabre lesson, this will be your chance to get a feel for this famed one-handed weapon and be taught by one of the region’s best and most learned.

This class will feature some elements of Civil War Sabre, and highlight some of the differences between the North and the South. This promises to be an enjoyable and informative lesson, so it should not be missed.

Also, don’t forget that we are having a special event in Pemberton, NJ with the one and only Kiana Shurkin on the 27th (which is a Saturday). We will still be having class at our normal location following day, so everyone will have a chance to double up on their sword activity for the week. 🙂 That event begins around 9:30 that morning at 50 Early St. in Pemberton.

See you all on Sunday.