This week at Crossing Fight School, we will be having a special class for the newer students, and the brand new students who are expected to attend this coming Sunday.

The purpose of this class will be twofold; first, it will be structured to assist our new people in getting up to speed. Second, it will be a chance for our more experienced people to help others along, and to put their knowledge to use. If you’ve ever considered teaching the Art we study, this will give you a feel for what it might be like.

The focus will be on the Hidden Hews and their use cases, and also some key elements of the Hauptstucke. If you don’t know what the Hauptstucke is, you need to be more involved academically. 🙂

We will have judged matches as well in preparation for tournaments upcoming later this month, as well as our own tournament in March. We’ll have a lot to do, so get there on time.

See you all on Sunday.