Ties Kool

When: Wednesday, November 8, 2023 from 7 – 10 pm
Where: Crossing Fight School
Cost: $20

Crossing Fight School is proud to announce a special event for the 8th of November …

A Longsword workshop with the one and only Ties Kool!

For those unfamiliar with him, he is one of the most accomplished and respected Longsword practitioners in the world, hailing initially from the Netherlands. He has a lengthy resume to his credit, and his list of accomplishments is not limited to Longsword. He has achieved success in a number of tournaments with various weapons, and also is known for his commitment to conditioning and steadfast training outside of HEMA. Here is a brief bio of the man himself:

Ties Kool started HEMA back in 2003. In 2015 he started the HVN, now one of the biggest clubs in the Netherlands, where he is the head coach. Ties has been teaching and competing all over the world, ranking high in various weapons and teaching workshops in longsword, sabre and several other disciplines. He is mostly known for his tournament success, both as a fighter and as a coach. He has a background in kickboxing, powerlifting and a number of other sports. At the moment he is a manager and personal trainer in a gym in Helsinki where he lives with his wife and two small kids.

We have secured an evening time slot for the event on the aforementioned date. The workshop will begin at 7 PM and end around 10 PM. If you know anything about Ties and how capable and knowledgeable a fighter he is, you know this event is NOT TO BE MISSED.

As he is going to be paid for his time, we are asking attendees to pay a $20 cover charge. I have no doubt it be well worth it. This is solely for the running of the event. Whatever other expenses are incurred will be paid for courtesy of Crossing Fight School. All paid attendees will also have access to our loaner gear, should they require it (this will be on a first-come, first-served basis).

Cash will be accepted at the door, or the event charge can be paid via PayPal ***USING THE FRIENDS AND FAMILY OPTION*** (crossingdues@gmail.com). Any money NOT sent using this option on PayPal will be refunded so the payment can be re-sent using the correct option.

If you plan to attend, let us know. For now, there is no cap, as I expect attendance to be brisk, but not overwhelming (it is a weeknight). If the event becomes huge, we will absolutely have to set a cap, so let us know in advance if you’ll be here.

I hope to see a great many of you there!

UPDATE: The Longsword Workshop with Ties Kool was a huge succes. See a group photo from the event below: