I have an update on the tumble room situation.

They are ready to set some dates with us.

The cost will be a bit more than we were quoted last year, but I’d prefer to keep our dues the same, so by all means, all of you should be doing your utmost to stay current. I don’t know of any club anywhere outside our area that gives people more for their money, and I hope that trend continues, but it’s only possible when everyone does their part. THIS MEANS YOU.

We will collaborate with Ashley to see when she wants to run some classes, BUT … I have also cleared the way for other classes during the summer (Dagger, Ringen, etc.).

It should be noted that the space is also being rented out to other groups here and there during their slow season (something I wasn’t told last year), so not every Sunday will be available (though I’m sure most/many of them will be open to us).

I have to send them our insurance certificate and sign some other paperwork, but things are very much in motion.