This week at Crossing Fight School, I hope to conclude our look at use cases for the 5 Hidden Hews with both the Schielhau and Scheitelhau. Although these cuts are vastly different, they both play important roles in KDF, and certainly in my opinion, no repertoire is complete without them.

The Schielhau is probably the most difficult out of the 5 to properly deploy, as good timing, hand work, and utter commitment have to coincide rather precisely to use it to great effect. Many consider it essential, however, with the proliferation of centered, point-forward guards (which the Schielhau is meant to deal with, along with other things, as we’ll see).

The Scheitelhau, on the other hand, is much easier to execute, though it is perhaps most useful when thrown spontaneously, or immediately after a parry which opens up a central line of attack.

Both have their applications, and this week’s lesson will hopefully allow many of you to become more familiar with them and thus add to your repertoire, or simply further refine your technique.

See you all on Sunday.