This week at Crossing Fight School, we will be having a class on use cases for the 5 Hidden Hews in KDF, which I feel most everyone will benefit from. Regardless of your level of experience, this class should be something which will help you think a bit differently about what you deploy and when.

For the fighter who is just starting out, this could be a great opportunity to get acquainted with the cuts themselves and how they are used, along with some of the foundational aspects of Longsword in general. For the experienced fighter, this could be useful for developing strategies in the middle of an exchange when the Vor and Nach often change hands, and when things are happening very quickly.

The 5 Hidden Hews are not just a series of cuts to be thrown as a Vorschlag, but also great go-to options when the fighting is at its thickest. If there is a cut you don’t see a clear application for, or one you’re not comfortable using, this class will give you a different look at these cuts and the techniques associated with them, allowing you to expand your repertoire and advance your training.

See you all on Sunday.