This week at Crossing Fight School, we should be having another class by the illustrious Aiden Witherspoon, with a focus on having a powerful Vorschlag and following it up with other attacks. This is not set in stone, as a number of things are happening in the background. If Aidan isn’t teaching, I will be running a class on use cases for the 5 Hidden Hews.

Either way, we’ll be having a class on Sunday which will benefit both experienced and newer fighters alike.

As far as the use cases for the 5 Hidden Hews are concerned, this will be particularly useful if you intend to use them at the onset of an exchange, in the middle, or either in the Vor or Nach. Some of you might be reluctant to use certain hews at certain times for one reason or another, and I would like for you to instead have great confidence in your strikes, as they will form the basis of your fighting and equip you with more ‘tools’ to work with.

See you all on Sunday.