This week at Crossing Fight School, we’ll be going over a series of exercises and a few choice plays from a variety of sources, with a particular focus on footwork. Some of the more interesting plays we’ve seen over the years are very much dependent upon where you step, and they should prove useful when attempting to highlight the importance of positioning, and setting up your actions from the ground up.

This class will be the last formal Longsword class of the year, as next week will be a special class of some kind (Fight Week? Sabre? I’m not yet sure…), and we are likely closed for Christmas (though there was discussion between Dana and I about keeping the venue open, we figured the vast majority of you would opt out).

We *WILL* be open New Year’s Day, but that will be a low-key class of some kind, as attendance may well be low, and many of us will be celebrating the night before. 🙂 On the 8th, we will be having a tournament preparation class for King’s Cup in DC the following weekend.

In other news, I will attempt to break my personal record (102) of consecutive exchanges for my birthday next week….by a very large margin….but I’ll have more on that in next week’s announcement.

See you all on Sunday.