This week at Crossing Fight School, it is our monthly sparring extravaganza, the one and only Fight Week.

You guys know what to expect by now, I’m sure. Fighting exercises for Fuhlen, timing, and simple strategies will be followed by lots of time to trade strikes with a partner of your choice. As always, I encourage you all to try something new, or attempt to perfect something you do well already during the course of the class.

As an added suggestion, if there is something you need to work on, you might want to partner with somebody who will help you close a few gaps in your fighting, or otherwise improve your technique. Having someone set you up to perform certain actions within the context of a fight will help you develop instincts that will kick in during a critical time. This sort of cooperative work may be extremely helpful in making us all better fighters, and is a concept we’ll probably be incorporating into a future class.

See you all on Sunday.