This week at Crossing Fight School, one of Bucks Historical Longsword’s finest, Stevi Parker, will be leading a class on directing and judging fights using a ‘right-of-way’ framework. This is not a class on the rule set itself, but rather, breaking down what happens in an exchange using observations common to that rule set.

Right-of-way rules tend to change the way the fight is interpreted, and make it much easier to parse out what takes place in a match. This makes us better at determining outcomes, and if there’s one thing HEMA needs, it’s better judging. We might as well start with ourselves.

Bucks itself has held a judging seminar in the past, and so has helped lead the way in elevating the ability of its fighters to act as officials at tournaments. They also frequently have judged sparring sessions and use sparring games regularly, so having one of their most accomplished and capable fencers lead a class on this subject should prove very informative. I must also mention that this sort of class will make us better competitors, as it will have the added benefit of allowing us to see our own fencing from a different perspective.

I will lead us in some warm-ups, and then Stevi will lead class for the durarion until it’s time for sparring.

See you all on Sunday.