This week at Crossing Fight School, we’ll be having a series of sparring games, as well as an in-depth look at the Hidden Hew Review. Each cut has a purpose, and I’d like to see more of our fighters become more comfortable with them so they can all be deployed at will. For you newer people, this could be a good opportunity to better acquaint yourself with one of the pillars of our system.

This will be followed by an afternoon of collaborative sparring, if you so choose. This will be a session where you’ll have the option of ‘patching the holes’ in your fencing, so to speak. We should be doing this regularly anyway, but I encourage you all to find something you know you need to work on, and make efforts to make what corrections are necessary. Work with your partners to sort out what needs to be addressed, what the causes are, and how to solve those issues.

This will also be the last class for John T. before he leaves NJ, so I encourage you to get a fight or two in with him before the day’s end. If he chooses, we should make ourselves available for a bon voyage bear pit before it’s all over.

See you all on Sunday.