This week at Crossing Fight School, it’s Fight Week once again. As is our custom, we’ll be attempting to sharpen our techniques and further develop as fencers by focusing on setting up attacks and landing strikes. This time, however, we’ll be looking closely at deep targets in particular.

Some of our members have recently inquired about how to get past a good defense, so this seemed like a good opportunity to concentrate on getting closer and unleashing more lethal attacks. Are you a shorter fighter who feels they’re at a disadvantage due to an opponent’s reach? Do you have trouble dealing with evasive fencers? Do you simply feel out-gunned in a sword fight? If so, this could be a useful class for you.

I should mention that Bucks Historical Longsword is hosting another Intramural tournament earlier in the day, and I encourage you to attend if possible. If you intend to go, and you have anything left afterwards, feel free to come by and get in some extra time with our bunch for the remainder of the day.

See you all on Sunday.