This week at Crossing Fight School, we should be concluding our Wallerstein review, which will contain a few more grappling plays, along with a healthy dose of Schwertnehmen (sword taking, for those still getting acquainted with the term). As usual, good timing and body mechanics will be needed, as things will fall apart and go horribly wrong otherwise. No pressure, folks. 🙂

In other news, our friends at the Pennsylvania Common Fencer’s Guild are hosting an Intramural Tournament this Sunday from 11-2 PM. I will be there, as our very own KC will likely be competing. It will be held at the Kingsessing recreation center in Philadelphia, at the tennis courts. I will be leaving sharply at 2 so I can open up class on time back in NJ. Attend both if you can, or pick at least one. These are terriffic events that all PEMAC people should experience at least once. The rule set is linked on the PCFG Discord channel.

See you all on Sunday.