This week at Crossing fight School, we will have the lesson that was originally intended for last week. We’ll wrap up the Nachreissen material and review some of the plays that follow as we were scheduled to do. Because we had so few people in class last Sunday, I focused instead on trying to bring our newest students further along by bolstering some fundamentals.

Also, as you are no doubt aware, this will be our last class at our current location. Next week, we will be at our new home, Pivotal Training at 133 Eayrestown Rd., Southampton, NJ, and classes will START at 3 PM.

This means that all of our gear must be out of our current building at the end of class. Of course, I’ll be needing some help with all of that, so if you can lend a hand, I’d appreciate it.

Our session will end PROMPTLY at 3 PM, and I need the floors to be cleaned and everyone gone from the building by 3:30. I’ll be leaving the key for Brian when I depart, and we’ll be out of there for good. It’s been a good venue for us for more than 3 years, but our new place seems very promising indeed.

See you all on Sunday.