As many of you know, there is an in-house tournament being held by Bucks Historical Longsword this Sunday, and it will feature some of the best and brightest fighters in the area.  Like anything done by our neighboring clubs, this will certainly be an event that is both challenging and fun.  I would encourage anyone who’s interested to attend.  

The event will run concurrently with our class, but several of you expressed a desire to compete there, so if you want a chance to fight different people and showcase your skills, I’m sure it will be worth the trip.

I considered having us all go and compete, but I am dealing with a nagging injury at the moment, so I won’t be there, unless I somehow recover between now and then (which isn’t likely).  

For those of you who will be in class, we’ll be covering the next bit of material involving Nachreissen and some of the plays that follow as we make our way further into the text, provided we have sufficient attendees.  If we have very few people there,  which may well be the case, I’ll use that opportunity to run some fight exercises, and bring any newer fighters up to speed on a few things.

See you on Sunday.