As most of you know, we’re changing venues, and now we have a date selected. As of 11/28/21, our new home will be Pivotal Training in Southampton, NJ (see Google Map below). Our first class at the new venue will be held on that date. I selected this week in particular because it will be Fight Week, and I thought it best to begin then because the transition will be easier.

When you arrive, go to the rear of the building and go through the door that says ‘Pivotal Training’ on it. There are at least 2 doors back there that open up onto the floor, but that one will be the only one that’s unlocked.

If you have any questions, ask them here on the Facebook page, or through the group e-mail (

Class time will BEGIN at 3, STARTING on that date. Until then, we’ll be in Cherry Hill from 12-3 as usual.

I hope you enjoy our new abode

Pivotal Training in Southampton

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