This week at Crossing Fight School, we will be taking a very close look at the concept of Nachreissen, something I believe to be an essential component of the Art we practice.

Nachreissen, or ‘traveling after’, is on full display when we perform exercises such as Breaking Abnehmen, and is also often a component of the technique known as Schiessen (shooting the point in). Done before an opponent issues an attack, or done immediately after a parry, Nachreissen is a very effective way of either seizing or re-taking the Vor in mid-exchange.

I believe this technique has great importance because it is supremely disruptive to opposing fighters, and consequently, I feel it should be a key part of your repertoire when practicing Longsword.

In other news, our move is about a week or so away, so for now, class WILL be at our current venue. I will make sure to notify everyone when the move is complete, and where the new venue is located. Bear in mind that our start time is also going to change to 3 PM *after* the move is complete.

See you all on Sunday.