This week at Crossing Fight School, the class will focus on Schnappen, a particularly useful technique from this portion of the text. As it happens, Schnappen is something of a specialty of one of our best trained fighters, Aidan Witherspoon. In fact, you can hardly mention his name in a HEMA context without envisioning getting struck by the use of this technique. 🙂 If you’ve fought him before, you’ve likely been on the business end of it.

Though the text mentions it briefly (once directly and once indirectly), its application is not limited to when you’re being overpowered in the bind. It is supremely deadly at short range, but motions like this can be useful at longer range (as in the case of cutting out of a hanging parry). Rest assured, all its facets and finer points will be covered by one who knows the technique quite well indeed.

Class will be conducted with the assistance of one who is a terrific instructor in their own right, Cam Frazier. I expect you all will get much out of this class, and though I will be away taking care of family business, I know you’ll all be in very capable hands.

See you all soon.