I have a nubby announcement … that is, I have an announcement about nubs.

I’m ordering more for the club, but in reality, each fighter should be providing their own. I’ve ordered like $100 worth of these things over the past year, and they’re mostly gone. I have more on the way so I can provide them to anybody who is in class and has one come apart on them, but everybody should have one or two extras in their bag as part of their kit.

We work out in a space covered in athletic mats, so putting tips on the quillons and sword points is absolutely essential. No swords will be allowed on any of the mats without rubber blunts (nubs) in place.

Here is where they can be found:

Small Black Rubber Blunts w/Metal Insert – Set of 4

Sword Tip Rubber Blunts w/Metal Insert – Set of 4

The first listing is for the ones that fit quillons/cross guard tips, and the second one is for the sword points.