This week at our humble venue, it is once again Fight Week. Are you looking to perfect a technique, make adjustments to your fencing, or try something completely new? This is your chance to devote some serious time to any or all of the above.

For the beginners among us, this is a chance to make up some serious ground and begin to develop yourself as a fencer. I will be making myself available for all who wish to do some focused work on some fundamental principles.

As usual, we will set aside some time at the beginning of class to warm up with some fighting drills, but the remainder of our afternoon will be reserved for free sparring. Since we have a bonus Sunday this month, I am strongly considering having a practice tournament on the 30th, which will be run the same way as this week’s upcoming class. Participation will be optional, but encouraged. I will provide additional information about the rule set I intend to use, and some other details, should I decide to go this route for that week. If I decide against it, we will resume our hybrid lesson format with the Ringeck material at that time.

See you on Sunday.