An article by one of the most gifted, learned, and accomplished fencers in HEMA. Give it a read:

A method for conceptualising and expressing fencing action

“Paradigm shift contributes to the fact that new learners catch up with older colleagues faster. Besides, it slightly frustrates long-term fencers; it is a very positive phenomenon, which means that teaching methodology is improving.”

I have found this to be true. I don’t train many fighters, but the ones I’m working with are benefitting from a steady increase in inventive (and effective) training methods that our members have become acquainted with by picking up information from other schools and trainers.

What we do at CFS is, in part, a product of attending tournaments (and having late night discussions with knowledgeable fencers at those events), and benefiting from those who have been generous with their time in one form or another over the years, both formally and informally.