Good afternoon, all.

This week, we’ll be sorting out a couple of key elements from Mair’s 22nd play, along with the 23rd in its entirety. As is our custom, we’ll also be doing some exercises which define the spirit of the plays themselves. This will be the last of the Mair material for the remainder of the year, as the final two weeks will be devoted to pure sparring, working on things in our individual fencing, and whatever else we feel like doing.

The last week of the year, I want to have a club meeting with everyone to work a few things out. Obviously, we only have a handful of people coming to classes at this time, but with the group we have, I feel it will be productive. During the meeting, I’ll be asking questions regarding what we’ve done, how (or if) it’s helped your fighting, and what we can do going forward to improve your experience in class. Your feedback is necessary to ensure that everything is headed in the right direction. Think carefully over the next several days about what, if anything, you’d like to bring up during this discussion.

During the first part of 2021, we will finally be looking into some Messer material. I know several of you have expressed an interest in it, so we’ll be getting around to it at last beginning with the first class of the year.

There’s more to mention, but I’ll save that for future posts.

See you on Sunday.