Clash for the Cash Longsword Tournament

Stake your claim and test your skills against some of the best fighters the greater Philadelphia region has to offer … for fun and profit.

Event Details

March 2, 2024, 9 AM – 7 PM
Check-In starts at 8:30 am
50 Early St, Pemberton, NJ 08068
$50 with Registration Required

Rule Set

The tournament will feature the Crossing Fight School in-house rule set, which can be found here:
Google Doc


The waiver that must be printed, signed, and sent back. It can also be brought to the venue the day of the event, but it MUST be submitted or you won’t be able to compete. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THIS IS DONE. We won’t have a stack of waivers waiting at the door for people who have waited until the last minute:
Tournament Waiver

About This Event

Join us for the inaugural Clash for the Cash Longsword tournament on March 2, 2024 in Pemberton, NJ. This will be the first event of its kind in this part of the country, with cash prizes and medals being awarded to the top 8 fighters.

The entry fee for the tournament is essentially a $50 buy-in, with the proceeds being given to fighters instead of merchandise. The awards will break down as follows:

  • $600 for 1ST place
  • $300 for 2ND
  • $150 for 3RD
  • $100 for 4TH
  • $50 for places 5-8

These amounts will be contingent upon attendance, of course, and will be based upon a roster of 60 fighters. If the tournament doesn’t sell out, the prize amounts may have to be adjusted.

This will be a single-day competition with no sponsors, no frills, and no subdivisions….just a plump purse of prize money waiting to be claimed. It will be open to fighters of any gender or skill level. It is our intention to put together a relatively low-cost event which will be designed to give all fighters the best possible experience for the money they spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking available?

Yes. It is free and plentiful. Just outside the building there is a large paved lot.

Where specifically is the tournament being held?

50 Early St. doesn’t correspond directly to an address you can see from the street. There is a wide paved driveway leading from Early St. to the building that houses the gym where the tournament will be held.

Will there be classes at the event?

Because of our format and time constraints, it is very unlikely.

Is there a gathering place people can meet up afterwards?

There are several restaurants within a short drive from the venue which should be able to accommodate large groups. The Vincentown Diner, which comes very highly recommended, is one such option.